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Arno Faraji

Years Active: 2016 - Present

Genre: Hip Hop, Electronic, Rap

Members: Arno Faraji

Describe Your Sound:

I make music I can vibe to, that’s what my sound is based off – its all about giving a certain energy and sometimes it’s super weird but i hope people can at least take it for what it is and if they like it bounce off it.

The best words to describe my sound are – Vibes, Wavy or even DUDISH

Band Links:


130 Ego Jump








Arno Faraji


I had been making stuff for my family/friends ears and they urged me to push it forward, so i made a little youtube channel where i'd post little instrumental covers (can't tell you the name coz now it's kinda cringey)... back then i was using legit instruments and equipment from garageband but not long after a friend introduced me to beat-making through Logic Pro x that's when i started making actual beats... the goal was to eventually lead into beat making/ rapping but it kinda took a while to be on equal slates with the two.... I love both coz at heart i'm a beat maker but i grew up listening to raps and stuff so i couldn't pass both


Chance the Rapper, J Dilla, The social Experiment, Nate Fox, Monter Booker, Smino, Steve Lacy, GoldLink, Duckwrth, Kaytranada, KUNG FU KENNY

Career Highlights:


*Featured on Triple J Unearthed Artists Spotlight

*Reached #2 for Electronic Music + #3 for Hip Hop music and #19 overall on the Triple J Unearthed Charts

*PLAYED ON TRIPLE J RADIO plus was on rotation for 2 other stations

Current Activity:

Trying to release a few more tracks and spread my sound before I start an E.P

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