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Bad Friends

Years Active: 2016-2017

Genre: Rock, Experimental, Blues

Members: Jack Flinn - Vox/Guitar Will Vlachou - Guitar Riley Coles - Bass Darren Saldanha - Drums

Describe Your Sound:

Personally I’d just call it heavy/grungy alternative rock. Kinda falls into that category that bands like Alice in Chains (a band we’ve been likened to) and Pearl Jam & stuff did, where they were as much sorta proggy/stoner rock as they were grunge, but just got labeled grunge and were compared to bands like Nirvana.

Band Links:


Only self-recorded demo's on Soundcloud.
Bad Friends


I believe originally Jack & Will were writing some music together and playing duo sets under various different names. Jack joined a band called Yaqui Yeti for a very short period with another friend of ours Curtis where he met our drummer Darren (Darren & as of more recently Will both play for Yaqui Yeti as well). Jack didn't stay with Yaqui Yeti for very long but recruited Darren to play drums for the sets he & Will were playing. After playing a few sets with the drums as well they decided they might as well go for the full band setup, at which point they asked me (Riley) to come have a jam with them and subsequently join the band.


As with any band that doesn't aim to play a specific genre it's hard to say, but really we just take influences from a bunch of different rock sounds. The vocals are quite gritty and grungy/stoner-y, whereas the instrumentation draws a bit on those genres as well as stuff like prog, psych, blues, experimental & instrumental rock.

Shared Bills With:

Ah Trees The Crystal Moth Fuzz Toads Moana Sophie Hopes Emily Garlick Yaqui Yeti Turtle Bay Television The Deadbeats Post Depression Makeout Session MAJUMBA

Career Highlights:

Honestly the highlight so far has probably been a house show we organised and called Bad Gig #1 at a house in West Leederville. We managed to get a whole bunch of really great bands/friends to play with us, were told the sound on the evening was great, had a guy film a lot of the gig, filled the backyard with about as many people as it could fit, and had just about everyone tell us how much they were looking forward to the next one. We've always been big fans of Perth's DIY gig culture and to be able to contribute to that ourselves, and so successfully, was really gratifying for all of us.

That night we played with The Crystal Moth, Fuzz Toads, Ah Trees, Emily Garlick, Sophie Hopes and Nicko from MAJUMBA.

Current Activity:

Currently just working on a couple of new songs, looking to start playing some gigs with a bit more exposure than the ones we have been so far, and saving up money to record our first EP.

Shared Members With:

Yaqui Yeti - Darren & Will (Present), Jack (Past, brief) The Depthless (formerly The Shallows) - Riley (Past)

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