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Band of Missfits

Years Active Two

Genre Indie, Rock, Roots

Members Paul Smith (Drums) Melanie Fowler ( Lead guitar) Sam Paterniti ( Bass) Kym Redmond ( Singer/ Songwriter, Rhythm Guitarist)

Describe Your Sound

We are a catchy sounding original Indi rock band from Perth W.A.

We’ve been told we sound a little bit Superjesus.

I have been told several times that i sound like Deborah Conway :)



Kym Redmond


We formed in 2015 after Kym Redmond put a call out for a drummer and bass player. Melanie was found after three failed attempts to pin down a lead guitarist who was serious about our music.


There are too many to list as i've been singing since i was 5 so it changes all the time but i guess my loves are, Foo fighters, White stripes, Red Jezebel, Melissa Etheridge, The Superjesus, Birds of Tokyo, RHCP, my favourite metal band is System of a down. We love Led Zeppelin, Credence

Shared Bills With

Paul McCarthy, The Bonekickers, Wes Mayers band with Lindsey Wells, Moonlighter, Matt Cal, Tashi Hall, The illegals

Career Highlights

Sharing a Bill with Lindsey Wells was pretty cool, we haven't had many yet as band of Missfits are only a few years old but we hope to have plenty to chat about real soon :) We would love to be playing festivals all over

Current Activity

We are in promotional mode at the moment trying to get our EP spread far and wide. We have radio interviews coming up and a video we have just finished shooting which will be released next Month (June 2017)

Research conducted by: Kym Redmond

Releases by Band of Missfits

Into the storm', Debut EP launch Released through CD Baby in March 2017

Into the storm