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Years Active 2012-

Genre Hip-Hop, Rap, Experimental

Members Bluntfield

Describe Your Sound

Born and raised in Perth, Bluntfield brings a theatrical, eccentric and sometimes satirical approach to hip hop. Influenced by 80’s anti-establishment film heroes and comics such as Bill Hicks and George Carlin, Bluntfield’s lyrics address social issues with wit and potency.





In 2012 US rapper Hopsin had an audience decides local emcee freestyle where Bluntfield was declared the winner, which led to joining Hopsin onstage twice more the following years.


Musically, Bluntfield cites rappers such as Cypress Hill, KRS-One, Red Man and Sage Francis as strong influences. From Perth, personalities such as Drapht, Heath Ledger, Danny Green, Pendulum, ShockOne, Phetsta and Reija Lee have been inspiring.

Shared Bills With

Highest profile artist was joining Hopsin on stage three times for showcase verses three. Other artists that have been on the same bill include DT, Rob Shaker, Bitter Belief, SMOG, Dazaztah, Optamus, Adam Crook, Silvertongue, Penny Purr, Macshane, Beckon, Bowzer, Beechey and many more.

Career Highlights

2014 marked the release of Bluntfield’s debut EP 'The Black Sheep'. In 2016 along with a run of hybrid showcase Mad Fap Entertainment shows and Fringe Festival appearances, Bluntfield released The Dark Crystal, the first single from his debut album, Right for Admission. The Dark Crystal has been nominated for the Western Australian Music Industry’s Song of the Year Award in the urban/hip-hop category. The follow up single, Just Say Know, was produced by Dazaztah of Downsyde fame and released on April 20th along with the debut inaugural pro-cannabis event CHRONICFEST.

Current Activity

The debut album 'Right For Admission' is slated for digital release on August 1st with distribution through Shakedown Records and OzHipHopShop. The third single 'The Soap Box' is slated for release on Monday July 11th with the fourth single 'Walkers' slated for Saturday July 30th!

Releases by Bluntfield

Right For Admission


The Black Sheep