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Cape Town Lullaby

Years Active 2007-Present

Genre Indie

Members PRESENT Andrew Carruthers - Vocals/Guitar, David Coultas - Bass, Helen Lucich - Trumpet/Guitar, Liz Dagostino - Drums, PAST Peter Malajczuk - Vocals/Guitar, Joshua Rampling - Drums.

Describe Your Sound

A bunch of 90’s-rock-loving teenagers who got older and mellowed out, then rediscovered their distortion pedals.



It's the old "we met in high school" cliche'.


San Cisco, Voltaire Twins, Sonpsilo Circus, Our Man in Berlin

Career Highlights

Playing on the same bill as San Cisco at the height of "Awkward" fever,
Launching our EP in Perth and Bunbury over two nights,
Having our EP played on RTR FM and doing an interview or two for the station,
A super gig at the Velvet Lounge shortly after our launch - great response from a pretty packed venue.

Current Activity

Still making music, and planning to get back into the live scene at some point. Some members are currently overseas though.

Shared Members With

PAST Trees Without Knees (Andrew, David, Peter) Heart's Moustache (Liz)

Releases by Cape Town Lullaby

Cape Town Lullaby EP

Self released