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Years Active 2015 - present

Genre Rock

Members Coo Jarvis - lead vocals, keys Andy “Razor Jack” Jarvis - guitar & vocals Tracey Devery - bass guitar & vocals Trevor Judd - drums

Describe Your Sound

Catchy, 60s-inspired garage rock n roll, perfect for your next gogo party!
If you like Detroit Cobras, The Kaisers and the Rezillos, check us out!



Andy Jarvis


When the drummer for voodoo-rockers Rocket To Memphis moved the Melbourne, the rest of the band decided to kick on. Adding keys, a fuzzbox and a new sticks-man, CATZILLA stomped into action in early 2015.


Detroit Cobras, The Neatbeats, Kaiser Chiefs, early Blondie

Shared Bills With

The Neatbeats, Minnesota Voodoomen, Stompin’ Riffraffs, Tokyo Cramps

Career Highlights

Mixing our EP in NYC with Matt Verta-Ray (Heavy Trash), Japanese tour 2016 and releasing our debut album (2017)

Current Activity

Writing and rehearsing material for the debut album

Shared Members With

Rocket To Memphis, Bang Bang Betty & the H-Bombs,The Isolites, Voudou Zazou, The Tearjerks, Feast, Toys Went Berserk

Releases by Catzilla

Going Wild (4 track vinyl EP)


On The Outside (video single release)


BOY FROM ANOTHER TIME (video single)

Off The Hip Records


CATZILLA (14 track album)

Off The Hip Records


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