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Years Active: 2015 - present

Genre: Rock

Members: Coo Jarvis - lead vocals, keys Andy “Razor Jack” Jarvis - guitar & vocals Tracey Devery - bass guitar & vocals Trevor Judd - drums

Describe Your Sound:

An infectious fuzz-arama, inspired by Japanese monster B-movies and garage sounds of the 60s. Perfect party music for interstellar go-go girls.

Band Links:


Andy Jarvis


Going Wild (4 track vinyl EP)


On The Outside (video single release)




When the drummer for voodoo-rockers Rocket To Memphis moved the Melbourne, the rest of the band decided to kick on. Adding keys, a fuzzbox and a new sticks-man, CATZILLA stomped into action in early 2015.


Detroit Cobras, The Neatbeats, Kaiser Chiefs, early Blondie

Shared Bills With:

The Neatbeats, Minnesota Voodoomen, Stompin’ Riffraffs, Tokyo Cramps

Career Highlights:

Japanese tour 2016 and mixing the EP in NYC with Matt Verta-Ray (Heavy Trash)

Current Activity:

Writing and rehearsing material for the debut album

Shared Members With:

Rocket To Memphis, Bang Bang Betty & the H-Bombs,The Isolites, Voudou Zazou, The Tearjerks, Feast, Toys Went Berserk

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