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Electric Toad

Years Active 2011-present

Genre Rock

Members Jefferson Toad, Dean Toad, Jeremy H Toad, Fabian Toad, Chris Toad, Tom Toad, Jeremy C Toad, Bibby Toad, John L Toad, Nick OToad Jerome Toad, Stephen Toad, Hamish Toad, Albert Toad, Kevin Toad, Gumby Toad, Shiny J Toad, Paisely Toad, Bobby Toad, Jamie T Toad, Ring Toad, Black Toad, Liam K Toad, Danny W Toad, Drage Toad, Ben Toad, Chang Toad, Macdonald Toad, Diger Toad, Cam Toad, Rogue Toad, Riley Toad, Niki Toad, name a few....

Describe Your Sound

We are the Electric Toad
We travel the Electric Road
We drink from the winters snow and when the sun rises we go, where the Toads, go.



Jeremy C Toad, Jefferson Toad and Stephen Toad caught some tadpoles, they turned into Toads and we Mic'd them up and formed a band with their spawn.


King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Mudlark, Nora Zion, Man the Clouds, Zealous Chang, I of Ra, Sun Araw.

Career Highlights

Getting gigs.

Current Activity

There is always one member of the Electric Toad playing guitar somewhere in the world at all times, including now, and right now and right now.

Shared Members With

We feel that it is important to only commit to one project at a time, so you can give it your all. Therefore all members are committed to only playing in the Electric Toad and disassociating themselves with any past project.