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Emotional Park Vandals

Years Active: Forever!

Genre: Indie, Rock, Pop

Members: Richard Newell - (former PSI, Big Home Orchestra, Tuffet Fairies) Thomas Ashelford - Sunken Cathedral, Big Home Orchestra, Ashtray Boy, The Cannanes Simon Morris - Pig Iron Bob, The Free Love Jazz Quartet Keith Nesbitt - No previous musical experience

Describe Your Sound:

The Go Betweens gone bad!

Band Links:


Richard Newell


Spaceship Made Of Wood


I used to have a really good job


Emotional Park Vandals


We are all mates and we love making music so we got together and started making music!


Every song we've ever heard.

Career Highlights:

Being able to make music and play it to people over and over.

Current Activity:

We are currently planning a Secret warehouse gig to celebrate the release of our album, stay tune for news of that, location and guest bands

Research conducted by: Richard Newell

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