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Hostile Little Face

Years Active: 2009-present

Genre: Rock, Pop, Indie

Members: Mitchell Freind John Prosser Stephen Marchegiani Mikey Kirou Chris Marchegiani Dave Lennon

Describe Your Sound:

Alt rock in the spirit of Jimmy Eat World, Birds of Tokyo and other like bands.
Dynamic in nature. Honest, heartfelt lyrics. Melodic and warm.

Band Links:


Mitchell Freind


Blueprint (EP)


The Architect (LP)


Hostile Little Face


After talking music for several hours at a party, me and a perfect stranger decided the world needed our musical flavour... We weren't necessarily right, but it was the best decision I've ever made.


Jimmy Eat World, Incubus, Bodyjar, Paul Dempsey, Modest Mouse. Mostly though, we choose a lyrical subject matter and try to write music that sounds like the theme.

Career Highlights:

Supporting and drinking with BOT; though I did embarrass myself greatly.
Playing a rodeo in Dowerin with the Kerns. Great show.

Current Activity:

Waiting for the album to come back from pressing. Just launched a music vid. Trying to mend our relationships after the recording process.

Shared Members With:

The Restless Words Mattersville Wing-It

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