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Years Active 2013 - Present

Genre Rock

Members Present: Britt Hadlow (Vocals), Jeremy Young (Guitar/Vocals), Pedro Cono (Bass/Back up Vocals), Marc Lennon (Drums) Past: Chris Carter (Drums)

Describe Your Sound

Hard rock with underlying influences in metal and blues.



Pedro Cono


Very long story short: Britt and Jeremy met at a kebab shop in Northbridge during a drunken escapade. They chatted for a bit and realized that they both wanted to start a band. They advertised positions for a bassist and a drummer on Gumtree and met Pedro. Britt remembered she had a friend who plays the drums; Chris. And thus, the first line up of Kraill was born. Chris then decided to travel the world so the remainder of Kraill posted ads for a replacement drummer. Marc got in contact with the band and was chosen as their drummer. Voilà!


Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Green Day, The Offspring

Shared Bills With

Amberdown, Kastiell, Dry Dry River, Shimmergloom, Los Ducks, Lost for a Reason, Ascending Fall, Enemy Minds, Creative Flow, Bad Habit, When Autumn Falls, Frigid Digits, Three for a Niner, and lots more!

Career Highlights

Recording and releasing our EP, filming our music video

Current Activity

We are currently filming our music video for Antiman, a song off our debut EP; More Than What You Know. And we are also gathering up funds to record a full album and hopefully tour interstate.

Shared Members With

Amberdown, When Autumn Falls, Frigid Digits, Delilah Rose and the Gunslingers

Releases by Kraill

More Than You Know EP