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Mile End

Years Active 1998-2009

Genre Indie. Experimental, Rock

Members Cam Hines, Jerome Turle, Nick Barnett, Dean Anthonisz

Describe Your Sound

Reverb + 2012 guitars + poverty + beer + angst + a fender bass + drama + Jerome Turle + Dean Anthonisz + Perth + paranoia + delay pedals + a Vox amp + a growing hatred for corporate rock and mediocrity + a Peavey amp + love + hate + Nick Barnett + a bunch of songs + a Pearl drum kit + scars + blood + drunken fights + rambles + loitering + hair spray + bad jokes + drugs + Cameron Hines + screaming + Jaws Cola + cigarettes + coffee + pages of scrunched up lyrics + waking up in strange places with no memory of the previous night + wailing + a real loathing for pompous and self obsessed band biographies + awkward conversations + shitty day jobs = Mile End



Mile End


Mile End formed as high school friends, playing in a train carriage and making noise their other friends hated. As they progressed they played at house parties and the odd sticky, smelly night at the Hydey. Main songwriter Dean Anthonisz brought a certain sense of sorrow and longing to the bands sound while Nick Barnett's guitar, Cam Hines's bass and Jerome Turle's drumming pushed them into a area yet to be seen in Perth.


Mongrel Country, Bone, Snowman, Bobby Blackbird and The Bluejays, Kane Ikin.

Career Highlights

Mile End released and launched Rumblefish in 2006 to a packed Bakery. The very next day they played at RTRFM's In The Pines.

They released their one and only album, Downers in 2012 via Soundcloud. The release was a free download and was never launched.

Current Activity

Mile End disbanded in 2009 as the members grew apart and Nick Barnett relocated to Melbourne. In 2012, they released via Soundcloud their one and only album Downers. A record that sat on Nick's computer for a number of years. They released it for free and with no launch, the band have no plans to re-form but are still good friends. Currently Nick Barnett is working on solo work. Cam Hines plays drums in Usurper of Modern Medicine, Jerome Turle plays drums in Weapon Is Sound and Dean Anthonisz lives in Melbourne working on a new project called Meth Leopard.

Shared Members With

Usurper of Modern Medicine Weapon Is Sound

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