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Roar of the lion

Years Active: 1999-2017

Genre: Electronic

Members: to many to list but i will try,rozza production manage, joshy,(guitarist) trev(guitarist),shannahan(guitarist),heathy(guitarist),aranda(Bassist),leon,(guitarist),pauly(guitarist),mark,(guitarist) luddy, (guitarist)/drummer, ako (guitarist)/singer.,winters,(guitarist)debbie,(singer) abe,(guitarist),rob.

Describe Your Sound:

electronically made, not classified into any real genre. you tell me what genre ? they are all different ? even new genres.

Band Links:


Rory atkinson/ rozza.


never released in 17 yrs
Roar of the lion


formed by myself on a computer using fruity loops as a sole producer :)


all the old bands + cypree hill +prodigy = rage + AI

Career Highlights:

endless nothing, actually wedding function 50 people dancing

Current Activity:

writing new stuff forever to the grindstone.

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