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Years Active: 2013 - 2017

Genre: Metal, Rock

Members: Current: Ben Fillingham, Ryan Fillingham, Sean Cashman Past: Solomon Brewster

Describe Your Sound:

We are an alternative metal band that take influence from the likes of Tool and Karnivool.  We play with strange time signatures often and like to create atmospheric instrumentation in our music where possible.

Band Links:


Sean Cashman


We are not signed to a label however we have recorded and released our own music online LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN


We formed originally as 4 high-school friends who enjoyed playing other peoples songs, and would write up a list of songs we wanted to learn every two weeks and get together to jam out covers of those songs. Eventually we got bored of covers and started making our own music.


Tool, Karnivool, A Perfect Circle

Shared Bills With:

Locust, Black Stone Brewers, Scott Aitkan, Tell the Shaman, Scarlet Drive, Physical Release, Catwalk

Career Highlights:

Opening for Black Stone Brewers at their EP launch this year. Also playing at the Hen House Live with Scarlet Drive

Current Activity:

We are currently writing and recording new material with 2 new songs nearly recorded. We're all trying to balance that with studying at university.

Shared Members With:

Ben Fillingham was the drummer for Redgate.

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