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Snapchat Regret

Years Active 2016-Present

Genre Punk/Hardcore, Rock, Pop

Members J.D. Latter (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar) Mitch Matos (Lead Guitar, Vocals) Peter Georgiou (Slappa da bass) James Davies (Skin Basher) (Previous) J.D Rodriguez Sandoval (Drums)

Describe Your Sound

Old school pop-punk/punk rock with a new age twist.
Something you could definitely see on a Tony Hawk playlist!



J.D. Latter


Two bored young fellas with a passion for pop-punk, enlisted the help of slightly older friend and vocalist to start a sweet new band. Found an equally motivated drummer and BAM!


Sum 41, Blink 182, The Offspring, Good Charlotte, Green Day

Shared Bills With

Roymackonkey(Darwin), Tapestry(Darwin), We Burn Bridges(Darwin), Clever Monkey(Darwin)

Career Highlights

Playing to an at capacity crowd for our new drummers first show, in support of Tapestry.

Current Activity

We have just finished recording our debut EP and have released our first single on Friday, 7 April 2017. With a full EP release set for release in the back half of the year, we are now focusing on writing new material for an album next year.

Releases by Snapchat Regret

Harley Quinn