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Years Active 1993 - 2000, 2012 and 2013

Genre Pop

Members Sascha Ion - Vocals, Guitar Andrew Fuller - Guitar, Bass Sam Hobbs - Guitar, Bass, Mandolin Andrew Lippiatt (1993 - 1998) - Drums Stuart Leach (1998 - 2000) - Drums

Describe Your Sound

Loud, Soft, Loud, Loud with some delicate bits.



Andrew Fuller


Andrew F, Sam and Sascha all met in a venture called the Perth Original Band Co-op. Andrew F and Sam were playing in The Sham and Sascha was playing in the Swooners. When botyh bands broke up, they got together with Andrew Lippiatt, who was a friend of Ricardo, someone Andrew F went to school with. They started jamming in a big old house in Swanbourne and recording demos. Spank's first gig was playing with The Whitlam years and Wooden Fische at The Harbourside in Fremantle in May 1994.


Pretty much every band playing in Perth from 1994 to 2000 plus various international and national bands.

Career Highlights

1. Touring Europe in 1998 and 1999
2. Recording Electric Mistress (Spank's debut album)
3. Playing with bands like Veruca Salt, Morphine, The Cruel Sea, Kim Salmon, The Church, The Angels, Cinema Prague, Beaverloop, Circus Murders
4. Playing the 2004 WAMi gig at the Orient Hotel to a packed room
5. Rocking the Espie front bar in Melbourne on tourt in 1997

the list could go on ....

Current Activity

Not much. The band reforms if the money is right or it's for a good cause.

Shared Members With

One Horse Town (Sascha Ion and Stuart Leach) The Mission Blue (Andrew Fuller and Stuart Leach) The Dangerous Tree of Life (Andrew Lippiatt) Raw Ragged (Andrew Fuller and Sam Hobbs) The Sham (Andrew Fuller and Sam Hobbs) Pete Stone & The Assistance (Andrew Fuller) Voodoo Economic (Sascha Ion and Andrew Fuller) The Holy Sea (Andrew Fuller)

Releases by Spank

CDs can be purchased from Fan Shan Records in Perth.

Electric Mistress



Cactus Stories






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