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The Beers

Years Active 2011-present

Genre Indie

Members Isaac Smith Nick Siinmaa Josh Mills Olie Witschge Ampuh Risbati

Describe Your Sound

Instrumental rock music, like post-rock with more of a sense of humour. Occasional reggae, blues and electronic influences.



Isaac Beers


Isaac's other band, frighteners, had to pull out of a show at Mojos last minute, so he got together some close mates and wrote and rehearsed a half hour set in three hours the day before the show.


A lot of our first gigs came as supports for the crooked cats (whose guitarist we're good mates with) , a few shows with Frighteners, and played one of Mt. Mountain's first ever gigs.

Career Highlights

Dragging the only two members of Lumpy Dog who aren't in the beers up on stage at Mojo's and forcing them into playing their first ever gig (if three songs counts as a gig). having a good night at a great pub with your friends is always a highlight

Current Activity

Still writing tunes, planning to record an album if we ever stockpile the cash or sound engineering expertise required to pull it off properly. playing shows as often as we get offered them.

Shared Members With

We share Isaac with local rock band Frighteners, Nick used to play in Leeming SHS alt. rock band Uneazed (yeeeaaarrss ago) and Olie, Ampuh and Josh also play in the indie rock band Lumpy Dog.