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The Coalminers Sect

Years Active 2009 - present

Genre Garage, Rock

Members Jason Cleary, Kelly Cleary, Luke D, Tom Rafferty, Craig Best.

Describe Your Sound

Like The Stooges fighting Hank Williams for the brain of Roky Erickson…….or drinking scotch on the back porch with wolves, The Coalminers Sect play mind bending, loud and soulful rock and roll like a life or death matter.
The Coalminers Sect make music that incorporates elements of the blues, psychedelia, Americana and classic garage punk rock to keep the rock and roll flame alive and vital regardless of trends and fads.
Leaving the dirt and grit right where it should be – on stage and on record.



Jason Cleary


Starting as a 3 piece after a jam between Kelly, Jason & Luke in 2009 as an outlet for some of Jason's tunes, Craig Best was quickly added on lead guitar. Tom Rafferty had filled in on bass a few times and engineered the first record, we finally talked him into joining full time on slide guitar, keys, occasional bass and to add harmonies alongside Kelly. From there the band has just gone along it's own merry old path to enlightenment. Members have played in various Perth bands such as The Volcanics, Three Orange Whips, Loose Unit, Those Wretched Horses, Broken Royale and classic covers acts such as Bazzo Sabbath, Murryspawn and The Love em and Leave ems and are continuing to destroy ear drums and guitar strings wherever they roam.


The Kryptonics, The Stems, anything with Kim Salmon, Wormfarm, Cheater V, Kill Devil Hills, Johnny Young.

Career Highlights

Bouncers at the Rosemount not letting us into our own gig.
Release debut album in Oct 2010 and follow up single in Dec 2012.
Played with killer local acts such as Capital City, Kill Devil Hills, The Floors, Will Stoker and the Embers and Datura.
Played with killer national and international acts such as The Breadmakers, The Hip Priests, The Buzzcocks, Guitar Wolf and Kim Salmon.

Current Activity

Currently working on their second album.

Releases by The Coalminers Sect

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