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The Disappointed

Years Active 2007 - Present

Genre Indie

Members Present: Michael Strong, Andy J Bartlett, Mark Neal, Mick Colangelo, Mathew Berghuis Past: Curtis Strong, Cameron J Hanush

Describe Your Sound

Alternative Pop Rock – Modest Mouse meets XTC



Mark Neal


The Disappointed was formed by frontman and singer Michael Strong. Michael Strong had a folk act called Michael Strong and The Ghost Anyway and wanted to create a more collaborative rock sounding band. The members from Michael Strong and The Ghost Anyway started rehearsing and writing as The Disappointed in late 2011, Curtis Strong (bass) and Cam Hanush (guitar) left at the start of 2012, Mathew Berghuis (bass) and Mark Neal (Guitar) filled their place and they released their first single.


The Love Junkies, Tomas Ford, The Emperors, Russian Winters, Mezzanine, The Community Chest, Heytesburg, Stillwater Giants, Sugarpuss, Faim, Honeywheeler, Sidewalk Diamonds, Dexter Jones, The Spitfires

Career Highlights

Had the opportunity to cover Radiohead at the Jumpclimb tribute event in 2012. Recording our debut EP with Dave Parkin. Filming a music video with Paul Komadina. Emperors invited us to play a regional show with them on their "Stay Frosty" album tour in Bunbury. We toured regional WA with Adelaide band Dexter Jones. Regional Touring

Current Activity

We are about to release our Debut EP on Friday May 31.

Shared Members With

Minute 36, Mezzanine, Michael Strong & The Ghost Anyway, Generals & Majors

Releases by The Disappointed

Dirt Darmer Single



Stranger EP



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