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Thomas Fyshe Palmer

Years Active 2011-

Genre Experimental

Members Todd Denzil-Williams

Describe Your Sound

Thomas Fyshe Palmer is the beginning to the end of the world.



Rest In Punk Records


T.F.P. evolved from unused soundcapes created while the band Fill the Sky with Steel was ending.


Human beings pre-cognitive dream state, Biological Evolution, Nature and the end of man kind.

Career Highlights

Creating sound

Current Activity

T.F.P. is currently putting together a new equipment base in preparation for recording the follow up album to 2012's 7 Years of Exile.

Shared Members With

Fill the Sky with Steel, Temples of the Dysyntaxic Somnambulist, Disease Process, Agony, Shotgun Wedding, The Creepers / The Creeps

Releases by Thomas Fyshe Palmer

7 Years Of Exile