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Yalla Yalla

Years Active 2014 - Present

Genre Rock

Members Dave Watkins (vocals), Tim Watkins (drums), Ben Harvey (guitar), Alex Capes (Bass)

Describe Your Sound

Our debut single “The King” is both heavy and majestic as a royal song should be.  The listener is captivated by intense musical rhythm with lyrical sneakiness and charm.  The King is a perfect introduction to Yalla Yalla’s distinctive melodic attack and is loaded with spacious effects and grooves.



We're old friends, we used to play in Perth band Small Belly in the early 2000s and members have kicked around in bands like Something Humble and World-A-Fuzzy.


Incubus, Tool, The Mars Volta, At the Drive In, Radiohead, Pearl Jam

Shared Bills With

Hundred Acre Wood, Flyball Gov'nor, Triangle Fight, Empty Pocket, Flying Embers, Saint James Sirens, Lung Capacity.

Career Highlights

Our debut single "The King" reached number 4 on the Triple J Unearthed rock charts.

Current Activity

Gigging in support of our debut EP Centre Yourself, which is due for release in October 2015.

Shared Members With

World-A-Fuzzy, Something Humble, Small Belly, Rooftop Fiction.

Releases by Yalla Yalla

Centre Yourself EP