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  • Perth Business Directory

    Subscriber Benefits

    A full list of Perth Business who generously offer RTRFM Subscribers a range of discounts for supporting the station.

  • RTR FM Youth News Project

    RTRFM Youth in Radio Project

    The RTRFM Youth News Project is funded by the Department of Communities, RAC WA and The Westpac Foundation and enables young, exciting, budding journalists the chance to report of their world.

  • SpeakYourMindSquareWebsite

    Speak Your Mind

    Expanding the reach of the traditional Speakers’ Steps, the project announces young people’s ideas, experiences and reflections when considering the National Youth Week theme, ‘OUR VOICE. OUR IMPACT’

  • Become a Business Discounter

    Become a Business Discounter

    Become a Subscriber discounter. Allowing our subscribers the opportunity to receive a discount or special deal at your business.

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