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RTRFM presents Creative Spaces

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RTRFM, in partnership with Community Arts Network WA, The Department of Culture and the Arts and Lotterywest is proud to present the Creative Spaces Project.

An opportunity for 12 young people to be mentored by local photographer Daniel Craig (Matsu Photography) and a chance to visit the creative studios of local artists to discover what makes them tick.

If you are aged between 12 and 20 and have limited photography experience,  download an application form below.

Applications close Monday 15th May and positions are strictly limited, so make sure you get in quick.

Applications open to those 12 -20 years old.

The Creative Spaces Project, proudly supported by Community Arts Network, The Department of Culture and the Arts, Lotterywest and RTRFM 92.1


The RTRFM Creative Spaces Project seeks to take 12 young people, teach them new creative skills and give them the opportunity to explore the creative spaces of local artists, shaping how they approach creativity and the creative process and exploring what a creative space means to them.

Successful applicants will undergo the following:

  • They will be individually trained and mentored by local photographer Daniel Craig (Matsu) on the basic principles of photography and operating a digital SLR camera.
  • The participants will also be trained in basic interview techniques by RTRFM staff
  • Daniel Craig will then take them to visit a local artist in the artist’s creative space. These artists will be matched to each participant by the selection panel based on suitability/compatibility. The participants will interview the artist about the creative process, how the space inspires them and how it facilitates their workflow. The participant will then take photographs of the space while the artist works. Artists will be selected from a wide variety of artistic mediums, such as sculpture, music, painting, street art, photography, textiles, film and literature.
  • The participant will also take photos of their own personal creative space; somewhere that gives them inspiration that they draw upon.
  • The participant will then go through the selection/editing process with Daniel Craig and discuss what makes a photograph special. A selection of 12 photos will be made per participant for publishing online. Of these 12, one photo of the artist’s space and one of the participant’s space will be selected for framing and exhibition.
  • Once the selection process is finalised, the participant will be interviewed by an RTRFM presenter on the whole process and what insights they derived from the project. Each interview will be broadcast on RTRFM’s Artbeat program, available for re-streaming afterwards through the RTRFM website.
  • The participant’s photos and the corresponding story will be uploaded to a custom made page on the RTRFM website, and shared on all RTRFM social media, including a Creative Spaces Facebook page and a Creative Spaces Instagram account.
  • An exhibition will also be held at The Bird on William Street, Northbridge, where the participant’s photos will be framed, hung and displayed, with a notice explaining the project and detailing the photographers’ journey. 
The wider community will also be involved in the Creative Spaces Project. They will be invited to share their photos, thoughts and experiences on creative spaces that inspire them through our online portals, our dedicated Creative Spaces webpage/Facebook/Instagram and through conversation on our Artbeat broadcast. Through this wider community interaction, we hope to create a discussion on what can inspire the creative process, and the diversity of artistic mediums within our city.