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Acid Rain and Sugar Cane

Wagons / Spunk
Featured: Week starting 19th May / Breakfast with Caitlin

Acid Rain and Sugar Cane is Wagons’ first release since 2011. An electrifying swagger evaporates in even doses, sometimes a little more. There is a vision of 1970s Vegas and an Elvis-like enthusiasm which is transported within different genres such as classic rock and boogie. It is all dominating, fierce, yet fatherly. Henry Wagon’s voice is thick and majestic, narrating tales never private but not fictions either.

The album was co-produced by Mick Harvey (Nick Cave, The Bad Seeds, The Birthday Party), who also plays in every song. According to Henry Wagon, Acid Rain is the band’s most exciting release to put out. The album’s composition demonstrates great focus on detail and the production and mixing are at a high, Vegas level. One can hear “sassy horns and “Rat Pack strings through to hight voice female choirs…”.

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