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Fait / Local Independent
Featured: Week starting 19th May / Homegrown

Ex member of London band The Six has been back in Perth, reestablishing her musical career as a solo artist, for now. With Atmosphere EP, the piano and guitar instrumentalist is building layers, which she beautifully orchestrates into a very ambient soundscape. Melodies and rhythms are highly unpredictable, unframed by any kind of genre trapping. This is not to say that the songs do not include crescendos or intensities. Opposite.

“Surrender”, for instance, is remarkably more charged, loud and rhythmic than the rest of the material on the EP. Interestingly, the title and sound characteristics of “Surrender” create a certain composure of mind applied within the rest of the project, which then begs for a climax in order to release something only Fait is aware of. With the assistance of her ex band members from The Six, the EP was recorded and mixed by London producer Darren Lawson.

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