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Ben Frost / Mute/ Create Control
Featured: Week starting 19th May / Full Frequency

Ben Frost’s remarkably brilliant work develops, evolves and persists. With A U R O R A, precision means exactitude yet a blurring spread of frequencies, subtle melodies and raw rhythms hiding behind Frost’s manoeuvres.The listening experience is not simple. It is not a breezy 30 min going by while washing a couple of greasy dishes. The album’s sophistication requires patience, attention and most of all, at least a fair understanding of the concept of tragedy. A U R O R A causes the same emotional and physical effect, ony aurally transmitted.

The catharsis comes from the repetition, the uncomfortable sudden high pitched sounds, the mystery of it all, if one would ever dare figuring. And there is always a moment within, that pierces and twists and disturbs the senses. Then it’s done.

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