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Ausmueteants / Aarght Records/Goner
Featured: Week starting 17th March / Drivetime

Synth-punk four piece Amusemuteants collect 12 of the 22 lately written songs to release their fist LP “Amusements”.
Shouting, talking or singing at times, the lyrics unfold the daily concerns of adolescence. The shame, confusion and cynicism make for a sad, yet quite Amusing listening. Each track narrates a different story and it is most of all exhaling frustrations of being.

“Pissed Myself Twice” is the memory of guilt followed by a bodily accident at school which dragged bullying and self-concern. Keys are tragic and drums agree. “Everyone laughed at me when they found I pissed myself”.

The titles of “Kicked in the head by a horse” and “Hate this town” tell it all again. It is a story telling, but mostly of the residuals of feelings rather than the detailed happenings.

It is a blend of a bedroom synth-pop and 60’s punk, where dynamics are rapid and all instruments are at their most intense existence.

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