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Tycho / Ghostly International
Featured: Week starting 31st March / Out to Lunch

For Awake, Scott Herman becomes Tycho and offers a transition from his previous work of acoustic, band including soundscapes to a one-man-demanding electronic music experimentation. A track called “Night”, released a couple of days ago, finalises this pursuit, however is excluded from the album in question.

Awake is a meeting point between the acoustic and digital, the previous Scott and newly born Tycho. Melodic instruments are still kept untouched by evolution and are responsible for the state of trance one may become lost in.The gentle, spaced-out guitar reminds us of musical landscapes of a life changing adventure to the desert. At times they are harmonised by a second guitar which gives a quicker and more minimal and immediate contribution.

Not much attention is applied to the drums, which remain constant and simple throughout the songs. “Apogee” however confirms the quest for change as its’ percussion work is more sophisticated and playful,wisely intersecting two themes and epochs, sealed with precision.

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