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Blank Project

Nenah Cherry / Smalltown Supersound/ Balance Music
Featured: Week starting 10th March / Out to Lunch

Neneh Cherry’s Blank Project is the diva’s first solo album in 16 years. Having collaborated with multiple bands and artists from various musical genres, such as cirKus, The Thing and McVey, Neneh found herself in need to showcase her artistic and creative independence, as well as to reveal her unique musical artistry andprolificity.
Neneh is not rapping, nor old-school dancing anymore. Not to say rap hasn’t left its’ trace as at times Neneh sings quite quickly, carrying along her evolved trademark.
The release has been finalized in five days, recording and mixing two songs a day. It includes the amazing production of Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet, a post-rock and electronic musician, heavily influenced by hip-hop, electronica, techno, jazz, grime and folk music. This becomes important while listening to Blank Project , as each song carries a unique flavor.

The beginning of “Across the Water” reminds us of the Floacist’s sensual “speaking”, which transforms into a flawless melodic compliment to the strictly percussive production. “Naked”, reveals a sophisticated, yet catchy chorus, which occurs in most of the tracks. Perhaps due to the singer’s previous interest in rap, the lyrics are quite dense, conscious and personal, having been written by herself and her husband on their home sofa.

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