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Close To The Glass

The Notwist / Spunk
Featured: Week starting 3rd March / Golden Apples of the Sun

Notwist’s Close to The Glass is the band’s ninth album since 1990. Venturing through the sounds of grunge-metal, indie-rock, jazz-electro-rock and pop with Neon Golden, the band is now showing us their constant self-discovery has not been yet achieved.

Close to The Glass requires close attention while listening and most of all, engagement and faith in the band’s musical intentions. At times, Notwist’s electronic experimentation pushes the boundaries of regular tempo and percussion, replacing acoustic drums with “beep” sounds and oriental samples.
“Signals” exemplifies this.

Markus Acher’s vocals try to remind us of the band’s past interests, yet they are still quite cautious, insecure and convey vulnerability throughout the entire release: “We will walk within you, we will like you scream, we wanna be you”. Depending on one’s interpretation, this attitude may be related to the artists’ refusal to conform to the frames of style and form, attempting to challenge the expected by addressing the latter sarcastically. “Into another tune” which appears as an interlude, is far from being one. It is a vicious cycle, which drags itself up and down until the 4th minute.

It is a back-and-forth motion between an acoustic and electronic ideology, which is always misbalanced by Acher. This soft, timid, skim milky instrument.

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