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Cloud Kingdom

Runner / Local Independent
Featured: Week starting 12th May / Homegrown

If you didn’t know them yet, now is perhaps the right time: Perth-based Runner is- Cameron Stewart, Andrew Clarke, John Lekias, Chris Watson and Jason Pang. After presenting an extremely pleasant and infatuating performance at The Pines last April, Runner is offering another generous present-their debut album Cloud Kingdom, set to be released near the end of this month. Alternative/shoegaze/indie-rock, whatever these mean, vaguely define their sound. Perhaps if looking for a definition, “alternative” would grasp but a corner. The recording, to begin with, and the quality of sound the record hosts is crisp, sharp, yet when needed forms a thick bumpy spread in the background.

Thin and short melodies surface on the sides from time to time, unexpectedly acknowledging in a tree or a car that the runner encounters. Alternative because “Seven”, for instance, begins and continues with a drum’n’bass kind of pattern, which is then supplemented by thin indie-rock silky melodies, surprisingly both getting along harmoniously. The voice is male, fresh and sultry, timeless and unhurried. “Cloud Kingdom” begins with a synth floating over what is to become another quite simple but not ordinary drum pattern. The build up is curious, yet natural, allowing us to escape within our own precious thoughts, or towards a dream that has now become a plan.

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