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Roku Music / Sonic Masala
Featured: Week starting 3rd March / Out to Lunch

When Jody Gleeson (bass) and Tom Roche (drums) join the already established duo of Donovan Miler and Innez Tulloch, Roku Music becomes a full band ready to discover what would eventually become their unique style. This was around a year ago and they refused to rush. The release was to be completed “whenever it’s good and ready, “don’t put me in a box” – Miller, 2013. It has taken the necessary time and the odds are, it is out now and it is called “Collision”. This debut album has been recorded and mixed in Miller’s Nowhere Studio and is officially released by Sonic Masala Records.

Classifying this sound as simply “Rock/Pop” underestimates the listener’s experience. There is a strong sense of contrast and experimentation between the airy, wide, nonchalant and silky vocals (dressed in a white transparent wedding gown) and the masculinity of the distorted, delayed and echoed guitar, which always remains predominant. Open to various interpretations, this dichotomy creates a sense of duality in which one doubts, reconsiders, holds fear, yet is always in control. The vocals smoothen the seriousness and calamity of the guitar and bass, which is somehow reassuring.

Synth lines and keyboard melodies assist the vocals to create a tragic fairy tale. Interestingly “Feelings”, expected to certify the mood of the album, is surprisingly more cheerful and fast paced, as it is for “Come true”.

Nora Karailieva

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