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Delorean Highway

Gum / Spinning Top/ Warner
Featured: Week starting 2nd June / Homegrown


Fremantle sweetheart, plus member of Tame Impala and Pond, GUM is Jay Watson’s aka for solo purposes. His debut release Delorean Highway is a coherent representation of GUM’s limitless musical abilities, in which he’s shown mastering a diverse range of noise vessels. Half recorded in his Cottesloe residence, half with the assistance of The Silents’ member Sam Ford, the 10 track album is out on Spinning Top Music, home of artists such as Felicity Groom and Mink Mussel Creek. GUM is talking about love and all things that could kill him.

It is a satisfying cohabitation of electronic and acoustic sounds, interconnecting while harmonised by their mutual presence, at times erupting simultaneously so to¬†alter songs’ expectations, like 3/4 in Delorean Highway.

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