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Eagulls / Pop Frenzy
Featured: Week starting 7th April / Drivetime

Forming in 2010, Leeds band Eagulls released their self title album last March. With several noticeable influences from the Cure, Killing Joke and,vocally, Ian Curtis, the project still remains unique in its own way. Throughout most of the journey, George Mitchell’s voice surprisingly maintains the same pitch and rhythm, thus creating a trademark for the band’s style and flavour. The post punk band includes two guitarists, a drummer and the previously mentioned Mitchell. Within the recorded version of the album his voice is effected with large amounts of reverb, adding an airy touch to the sharp and distanced raw outcome.

“Nerve Ending” introduces the album with mysterious, minimal, yet quite sophisticated guitar solos and catchy hooks which one sticks with for a little while. A challenge is to decipher the lyrics, except when Mitchell screams a song’s title. Then you know the track has changed.

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