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Ela Stiles

Ela Stiles / Bedroom Sucks Records
Featured: Week starting 26th May / Drastic On Plastic

Ela Stiles gets a point across. After all, Self Titled is Self-Made, and as a vocalist she was more than honest. Songs’ and Bushwalking’s Sydney vocalist delicately isolates sound and concentrates on exploring voice, stripped and willingly exposed to the world’s ears. The melodies and harmonies of her acapellas are entirely self-sufficient. Side A frames short vignettes, mostly under two minutes each. Side B relies on one 11 minute self-recorded track, run through a tape machine, then layered by an additional recording by John Duncan who “records strictly one project a year”.

Rounded out by a long, experimental drone collaboration with Melbourne producer Mikey Young and released under Bedroom Suck Records, the album is a VINYL ONLY giveaway.

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