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Estoile Naiant

Patten / Warp/ Inertia
Featured: Week starting 24th March / Full Frequency

London-based experimental musician and producer patten is reaching far out not only with the mystical name of his release “ESTOILE NAIANT” (from 16th century French, meaning swimming star), but also with the sound of his new work, mirroring the aleatoireness of it all. Some say ESTOILE is a lower quality and a less inventive version of GLAQJO XAACSSO, others would say it is completely different. Patten is however outspoken in regards to standards, discarding good from bad from the scheme of classification, which somehow protects and smoothens feedback toward his own product.

This is easily remarkable when listening to his new album. Tracks such as “Gold Arc” are purposefully overcharged, stuffed with synth waves of all sorts, a background percussion pattern and subtle vocals almost unnoticeable. “Here Always” is resonates beautifully, and vaguely reminds of chopped’n’screwed, without the last part.  The track sounds like a slowed version of the unknown original. Within the charged mist of it all, effects push their way through the synth based background and the static, meaningless wandering rhythm. “Drift” is quite interesting. The beginning catches one’s attention as effects travel from the left to the right pan and disappear when the 808 drum NGUZUNGUZU-like patterns emerge. Slowly building towards an awkward dancy chaos, this progression makes us reflect on the conformity of our traditional understanding of music.

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