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Everyday Robots

Damon Albarn / Warner
Featured: Week starting 28th April / Breakfast with Caitlin

Multi-instrumentalist and principal songwriter for Gorillaz and Blur, Damon Albarn does not miss the chance of demonstrating another facet of his diverse and always evolving musical talent.

The criticism of technology explored in the album springs from his recent reunion with the past, spending a bit of time in childhood neighbourhood East Leytonstone. Everyday Robots is produced by XL Records owner Richard Russell, who lifts the instrumentation on a up-to-date, modern ground. Interestingly, as is it the case with many artists nowadays, there is a mild contradiction between the lyrical content and the tools constructing the musical product.

Although in songs, such as “Lonely Press Play”, the lyrics point at the deceptive escape technology allows, “when I’m lonely, I press play”, the video relies on Damon’s iPad, which he himself used for the shooting. Although Damon’s characters in Gorillaz and Blur indirectly referenced his own reflections, Everyday Robots is incomparably more intimate and personal.

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