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Feels So Good

Sable / Pilrats
Featured: Week starting 3rd March / Trainwreck

John Dewhurst aka SABLE is back with a new EP “Feels so Good” undoubtedly making us feel more than good about it. With multiple releases and live performances, SABLE definitely won  the hearts of Australian electronic music fans, he is currently touring around with Nina Las Vegas.

The new release shows us the dune-wondering child’s ever evolving musical progress and his prolific take on future beats.

“Foolin”, the first track is merciless.The melodic authoritative keys vaguely remind of Rustie’s Glass Swords’ Ultra Thizz. The pitch bended “I was a fool to believe in you, darling” gets stuck in your mind and makes you wanna hear it again and again, despite the vocals’ inferior presence in the track. Build ups with an pitch-elevating key melody, a 808 drum hurry, then an isolated, sudden  “snap, hey!” gets us in a starting sprint position for the quite satisfying drop. The nostalgia of the vocals are now surrounded by festivity, but SABLE makes sure moods swing.

“Mana Pool” and “Height” are more trappy-like, with no gangsterism attached, though still crisp and sharp. Head nodding and arms bend on “Height”, going in an out like on a chest machine. A xylophonic 4 note melody repeats all throughout the track, however the amount of layers and intensity of the background symphonies vary.

“Want U Girl” is a bright classy future house track, reminding of Full Crate’s house beat structure. “I want I want want you” is sang on a lower pitch, therefore from a male’s perspective (SABLE’s?) Watch out for “Feels So Good” which deserves to name the EP as it comprises all of the above flavours and celebrates the artist’s entire work. You may “really need it”!

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