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Friendly Bacteria

Mr Scruff / Ninja Tune
Featured: Week starting 12th May / Full Frequency


Friendly Bacteria is Mr. Scuff’s (Andy Carthy) newest release, following Ninja Tuna/Bonus Bait in 2009.

The new material is definitely different from Ninja Tuna for instance, or tracks such as his cult “Get a Move On”. Friendly Bacteria’s tracks are shorter,more stripped back, bass oriented and contain less vocal samples. Instead, there are original vocal appearances by Denis Jones, Vanessa Freeman and Robert Owens which fill out the spaced, still rhythmic and dance-oriented tunes.

Curious is to know that Mr. Scuff is the drawer of his own cover art, merchandise and music videos in the “potato style” cartoons. In addition, he is a tea brewer, selling the product while playing festivals or gigs. Tea towels, pots and various fair trade tea flavours are available online.

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