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Glass Boys

Fucked Up / Matador
Featured: Week starting 2nd June / Burn The Airwaves

Glass Boys is Fucked Up’s fourth album in 13 years. The Toronto outfit’s release has ben jointly written by Mike Haliechuk and Damian Abraham. Concerned with figuring out the band’s fate after such a long journey(especially within the hardcore underground scene), the band reassures these are but anxieties and not actual plans. Written separately, the writers’ lyrics ended up discussing the same issues, mainly the fear of being forgotten, replaced, upstaged… 

Fantasising the old self and once reached, looking back, thinking nothing is timeless. Compared to David Comes to Life, Glass Boys is purely sentimental and self-realisatory. The lyrical content is beautiful, poetic and clever, although its’     understanding is challenging. The emotion is however translated by the intensity of the vocals and the point gets across.

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