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Teeth & Tongue / Dot Dash/ Remote Control
Featured: Week starting 17th March / Breakfast with Caitlin

With her third album “Grids”, Teeth & Tongue is a pure captivation of sound and emotions. New Zealand born Jess Cornelius’ thick voiced, beautifully-crafted melodies are at the centre of attention. The album is released under Dot Dash/Remote Control and features instrumental collaborators, as well as guest vocalist Laura Jean for “Newborn”, the album’s single, written after Cornelius read a book about spiritual enlightenment.

In “I Feel Good”, melancholic, tired piano chords and rhythms are joined to the dragged, long vocal melodies, backed by curiously strange back vocals ” A A A A A” which overcharge at times, yet when dismissed are dearly missed as they were simple instruments. A reggae-reminding, delayed guitar joins at times on the right pan.

In “Easy Living”, the 80’s influence of the instrumentals, the  non-chalant sounding: “You can get what you want, get what you want” blended with the narrating melodies of verses form a circle of a well lived life.

“Boredom” almost sounds like what it means. But it is not so much of a sad experience. It is one by the lake while thinking of options and reflecting upon resolutions. The mood is maintained by the three-note guitar melody, carrying the song until its end.

“The Party is You” is the soundtrack of a 90’s movie that never existed in Hollywood. It narrates a love story of a high school graduation party in which some realise they always loved each other. Whereas this is true or not, the song transports us in the past with the reverbed guitar and the powerful, raw and female-revealing: “You got me, emotions”.

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