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Heads EP

Coin Banks / Independent
Featured: Week starting 17th March / All City / Homegrown

After being part of local hip-hop group The Stoops, then collaborating with amazing Perth producer Ta-ku and Tasmania-based Akouo,  Coin Banks is on to something new. He is releasing his first solo project HEADS EP, hosting several mcs such as Atom, Like, Anders, Homeboy Sandman, Tom Scott, Thandiwe Phoenix, Hunger, DJ and others.

The EP’s production deserves a lot of attention. “Haches”, is instrumented by local and internationally praised beat maker Ta-ku. His bouncy, heavy, gangster base lines and 808 playful hi hats are complimented by the Banks’ amused and careless, yet well articulated rapping.

“Thomas Lawrence” is produced by one of the rappers and producers of  legendary French crew HOCUS POCUS’, 20syl (“Vensyl” inversion of his real name Sylvain). Is it then to no surprise when tracing the soulful, jazzy touch on the production, which Banks effortlessly blends into.

For those familiar with Japanese DJ Mitsu the Beats (often compared to Nujabes) whose collaborations extend to Jose James in magnificent “Promise in Love”,  he is the man behind “Walking Backwards” and can be easily recognised due to his occurrent use of trumpets! A couple of verses in Japanese complete the international rundown.

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