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Le1f / Terrible Records
Featured: Week starting 31st March / Full Frequency

Le1f’s new EP “Hey” is out on XL/Terrible Records. Surprising is its’ small amount of tracks when comparing to his prior mixtapes “Tree House” and “Fly Zone”. It is not only their number, but also their instrumental construction and titles, which follow the same concept of minimalism. “Sup”, “Hey”, “Boom”, “Wut”, “Buzz”, seem to interpellate someone in a casual way. There are no harmonies or complicated melodies within the beats, leaving a lot of space and freedom for Le1f’s rhythm, speed and intensity of rapping.

“Sup” is the darkest, most euphoric track of the album, unraveling a quite catchy but not cheesy chorus, which becomes addictive. A hypnotizing loop of few notes repeats in the background, as two synth lead layers intertwine, simply enhancing the depth of our perceptions.

“Wut” reminds of New Orleans bounce, but is not exactly it. It is a futuristic blend of gangster hip-hop, electronic music and bounce. “Buzz” is effortless, energetic and sounds like the sprint following a deli robbery.

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