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Naps / /Ths Thing/
Featured: Week starting 10th March / Full Frequency

Hydrate is Melbourne based beat maker Naps’ first LP under “This Thing”, home label including fellow producer Inkswel.

The off-beat, at times tempo absent, synth driven, effected ambiance soundfonts can certainly contain a Teebs-ish influence.

Tracks such as “Word Shapes” and “Exposure” are purely ambient, containing no signs of percussion nor rhythm, an aimless wandering of synth waves…Vocal samples appear in Coaster/Mind2Mind, yet mainly at the beginning of “Get Hi”, a conversation about a forbidden subject.  Carefully effected synth melodies are turned into buzzing, slightly psychotic lo fi wondering creatures, hurryingly running around the banging feet of giant aliens.

We can sense flavors of classic hip-hop within the partial presence of the drum beat in Salad/Wak which does clearly not remain constant for long.

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