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BADBADNOTGOOD / Create/ Control
Featured: Week starting 2nd June / Out to Lunch

There is a jaw-dropping authenticity and intristic genuineness to nostalgize Dilla or Madlib, yet with no success. The Canadian national treasure that are BADBADNOTGOOD views itself becoming more and more precious and notorious with their new III. With a capacity of perfectionism within their songs’ construction, shaping, modulation and badassity, they have created an album which will forever be underrated.

By travelling through soundscape illusions, classical jazz lines, and briefly glancing at gangster 808s, it is but with a nod that all of the above are soaked in and blended with the crew’s limitless potential. Not to mention the flawless quality of the final sound which is crisp, exposed, unraveling subtle clevernesses such as pan separations (bass on one side, guitar on the other, saying the same thing with different tones and intonations).

Fully analogue, it is the drums that leave this album largely unique, when thinking about what presets caused in today’s youth.

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