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In Conflict

Owen Pallett / Domino Records
Featured: Week starting 2nd June / Drivetime

After a slight delay, Toronto based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Owen Pallett is proud to release his fourth album In Conflict. Operating under the nickname Final Fantasy for his first two releases, he denies any appreciation for the video game.

Member of Arcade Fire, where he feels employed for money’s sake, Pallett feels shaded and unnoticed. Other than that, In Conflict includes the participation of various musicians, all content however being written by Pallett. He surveys the exploration of themes such as childlessness, depression, gender identity, alcoholism, age-disparity relationships, growing out of a city. Semi-autobiographical, the composer’s past charity involvements and the disclosure of his personal number unveils a certain will to connect, to empathise and perhaps to relate to those in a similar situation.

The new album translates accurately Owen’s style, however adds more percussion and not surprisingly, synths.

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