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Lost In The Dream

The War On Drugs / Inertia
Featured: Week starting 10th March / Breakfast with Caitlin


Lost in the Dream is the band’s third album so far. There is a blend of classic rock, folk and something trancy. Aquatic and airy synthesisers and keys float in the background and open up further dimensions. For this album, the band did collaborate with bass player Dave Hartley and Pianist Robbie Bennet, which efficiently enhance Granduciel’s vocal melodies.

Granduciel’s desire to produce an uplifting and powerful album through sound is almost achieved. There seems to be only one ballad, “Suffering”. One can however grasp the lyrical sadness predominating throughout the entire work, which appears to reflect the singer’s emotional state.

Lost in the Dream is the band’s most polished and perfected work so far, continuing to recreate classic rock in their own image and thus establish their particular sound.

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