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The Horrors / XL Recordings/ Remote Control
Featured: Week starting 19th May / Drivetime

The Horrors have a reputation of self-reinventive chameleons. Their most recent work Luminous appears quite conventional and tamed compared to the uniqueness of their previous musical quests and risk-taking endeavours.  It appears to be a closely epic, HD picture perfect Luminous-sounding album. Guitars are layering  and at times their echo reminds of Jah. Keys are also effected, at times wandering within the mid-tones, at times placed up high, high-pitchingly reminding us they are important for the emotional reception of the song. Lyrics are simple, and the melodies catchy, yet interesting.

They often carry a certain message open to interpretations  It is perhaps the longly planned choruses and spaces between vocals that create this sense of the epic. At that very moment drums are almost performing solo and one becomes aware of their existence. Horror is not psychedelic anymore. It is more acceptable and grandiose.

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