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Nose Dive

Saskwatch / Dot Dash
Featured: Week starting 7th April / Soulsides

Breaking thick ice when first appearing at the notorious Cherry Bar in Melbourne, the 9-piece Saskawatch is releasing their second album after the 2012’s Leave it All Behind.

Considered as one of the most important soul bands in Australia, one could easily justify it after a few listens into Nose Drive. The project explores the various consequences of one’s contact with the multiplicity of love’s facets.  It is a bumpy playground of emotions, where one eventually stumbles and has to narrate the reasons for that silent, yet frustrating misfortune.

Despite the diverse variety of instruments, such as guitars, keys, sax, trumpets and drums,  Nkechi Anele’s voice considerably exceeds in volume and intensity. “Left Me to Die”, “Tomorrow’s Promises” and “Call Your Name” allow more space for the audiences emotional association, as the warmth and sensuality of the musical construction captivates one’s heart a lot more than the dance tracks in this album. The single-like “Born to Break Your Heart” and “Hands” are catchy, quite charged and Hair Spray-like. Surprisingly, “A Love” explores more masculine grounds, as the low fi, distorted voice and guitar adopt a fiercer, less sensitive attitude, such as this responsible for the album’s entire feel of loss.

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