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Psychic 9-5

HTRK / Mistletone
Featured: Week starting 24th March / Out to Lunch

Originally formed in Melbourne, duo Nigel Yang and Sean Steward invited vocalist Jonnine Standish prior to recording their debut EP Nostalgia. Following the project’s success, the band releases Merry me Tonight and their third album Work (Work Work), during which the band loses Sean Steward and is left to continue as a duo, again.

Freshly released Psychic 9-5 Club is a blend of trip hop, post-industrial futuristic pop sprinkled with large amounts of atmospheric shaping, thus establishing their own trademark on sound. Jonnine’s vocals are central, although often allowing large space for the instrumental work by repeating or simply evading. The vocals are airy, mellow, though solid and mature, revealing lyrics of mistrust, bodily awareness, sexuality and sadness, although emotionally distanced.

Despite that, the predominance of sorrow and melancholy is obvious. Nigel Yang is now producing with drum machines and synthesizers, presenting a dubby, pounding percussion work, allowing space for a constant exploration of rhythm and intensities. Swiping, watery hi hats and silent snares are slipped in “Blue Sunshine”. “Feels Like Love“ is purely instrumental, settling for a beautifully crafted bridge which leads to the second part of the album. One can notice sounds of laughing, making us question the vocalist’s sincerity and affirms her emotional disconnection to the songs’ lyrics.

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