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Reachy Prints

Plaid / Warp/ Inertia
Featured: Week starting 2nd June / Full Frequency

For nearly twenty years, British electronic instrumentalist duo have demonstrated passion and determination with their stubborn capacity to both: work side by side and keep up with technological evolution. This is not at all caused by successful attempts to fit in the new era of digital sound . Instead, a tribute is paid to their own skeletons, for their musical complexity and obvious attention to detail grant them with brandings such as “geeks”, a pure compliment. Gadget lovers and faces of Bruno Zamborlin’s sound translating application Mogees, they were also its’ users for the writing of their album.

Passionate about softwares and less about hardwares, the duo dreams of a system able to translate their ideas directly. On a similar note, Reachy Prints is quite dreamy, not as dancy as previous albums. Full of string harmonies, they seem to have been recorded live, yet they are a flawless reproduction.

The percussion patterns best translate the duo’s title and cleverness. They are playful, plain and complex, masked but not invisible.

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